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The Kentucky Derby is one of the world's most famous horse races, run every year in Kentucky, USA. Taking place on the first Saturday of May every season, this horse race always manages to capture the imagination of the racing community. The Kentucky Derby takes place over a distance of one and a quarter miles, which is the same as 2 km in the metric system. The first Kentucky Derby was run in 1875, with this event famously known as "the fastest two minutes in sport".
Held every year at the iconic Churchill Downs track, the Kentucky Derby is hosted on a dirt course with a left-hand aspect. This horse race is for horses of three years of age and is run under fixed weight conditions of 126 pounds for colts and geldings and 121 pounds for fillies. The Kentucky Derby is a Grade 1 event, which is the highest level in the grading system and the same as a Group 1 race in other nations comparable to Australian </a>. With prize money of more than $2 million up for grabs, this event is one of the wealthiest and most famous events in the world.

The US Triple Crown consists of three sections, the first of which is the Kentucky Derby. Often known as "the fastest two minutes in sports", the Kentucky Derby is the most well known horse race in North America and a fantastic sight to witness. Together with specific events such as the Breeders Cup, and the other two events included in the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby is at the forefront of American horse racing. With the biggest attendance of all racing events and the most widespread recognition within the greater American public, this great race is always a fantastic spectacle.
While obviously based around the big race, the Kentucky Derby is about more than just the horses. Like many of the world's great races, the Kentucky Derby continues to attract a number of different events and attractions. In addition to the race itself, a number of traditions continue to be associated with the Kentucky Derby. In fact, this race is also known as "the Run for the Roses", due to the breath taking flower display lavished upon the race winner. Some of the iconic traditions that are enjoyed by the public on race day include mint julep drinking, burgoo eating, and the amazing spectacle of fashion and music throughout the day.


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